Our Company

Lorentzos Armaos 1912 - 2000

The roots of the company go back to Istanbul, Turkey, where Lorentzos Armaos, its founder, was born in 1912. At the age of 18 he works in a music store for the first time. Soon he learns to repair wind instruments and before long he becomes one of the best technicians in this field.

In 1940 he opens his own shop in Istanbul, in the area of Peran. The shop flourishes until 1955. Then, in the pogrom of September 6th, the mob destroys it completely along with hundreds of Greek shops in Istanbul.

In 1956 Lorentzos Armaos leaves Istanbul and comes to Athens where he starts a new enterprise focused on the import and distribution of musical instruments in collaboration with companies like: Meazzi, Sanox, Eko, Gerley, Melody, Century.

In 1972 he forms a company with his wife Iphigenia under the name L. Armaos and Co. They open the shop in Charilaou Trikoupi 24, at the center of Athens, focusing now on retail sales.

In 2000 Lorentzos Armaos passes away and his daughter Ioanna (Zanna) takes over. The name of the company changes to I. Armaou and Co. The company remains all these years at the same address selling a big selection of musical instruments and accessories. (Guitars, basses, electronic organs, percusion, amplifiers, bouzoukis, baglamas, saxophones, trumpets, clarinets, flutes, harmonicas, guitar effects, strings and instrument parts.)

In 2005 it started selling through the internet (https://www.armaosmusic.gr).

In October 2014 it becomes a Squier by Fender and Fender Acoustics authorized dealer.

In August 2015 it becomes a Jackson authorized dealer (Gold Dealer).

In January 2017 it becomes a Gretsch authorized dealer (Silver Dealer).

In January 2018 the company changes to ARMAOU MUSIC PC.

In Novenber 2019 it becomes a Fender Dealer Partner adding the Mexican products to its range.

Also names like: Flight, Gewa, Casio, Hohner, Lee Oskar, Ovation, Ibanez, Suzuki, Lag, Cort, Vox, Alhambra, Admira, Takamine, Paiste, Remo, Soundsation can be found in the shop at the best prices of the market. One can also find there a huge selection of music books.